The Fish Forever partners are initially working in Belize, Brazil, Mozambique, Indonesia and the Philippines because of each nation’s high level of marine biodiversity, important coral reef habitat and the dependence of coastal communities on their fisheries for food and livelihoods.



Overfishing has depleted Belize’s key economic fish species and threatens its spectacular corals and mangroves. Fish Forever builds on the work that Environmental Defense Fund began in 2008 to establish managed access areas and restore Belize’s fisheries.
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Brazil’s fisheries are on the brink of collapse due to the destruction of mangroves and coastal ecosystems, and systematic overfishing. Eighty percent of Brazilian fisheries are at unsustainable levels. Fish Forever will work with the government and local partners to help fisheries recover. Read more »



Indonesia is the third largest producer of wild-caught fish. Unfortunately, mangrove destruction is threatening this vital resource. The Indonesian government has made a commitment to dramatically increase marine protected areas and reverse this alarming trend. Fish Forever will support this effort by engaging coastal fishing communities to sustainably manage their fisheries and protect coastal habitat. Read more »



Half of the animal protein in a Mozambican diet comes from fish, yet their fisheries are increasingly vulnerable to natural disasters and overfishing. With the support the Mozambican Ministry of Fisheries, Fish Forever will work to restore and sustain the country’s small-scale fisheries. Read more »



Nearly all of the fish caught in-country are consumed by Filipinos. Though the Philippines boosts one of the richest concentrations of marine life on the planet, very little of its coastline is protected – setting up a potential food security crisis. Local communities have management authority over their local waters, presenting a unique opportunity for the Fish Forever partners to work with them to protect their fisheries for generations to come. Read more »