Fish Forever Founding Partners

Fish Forever brings together three organizations uniquely positioned to restore coastal fisheries around the world. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Rare and the Sustainable Fisheries Group at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), all have strong track records of success in the area of ocean conservation, fisheries restoration and community engagement.

The partnership structure draws on best practices from each organization, optimizing contributions to achieve the common goal of ending nearshore overfishing. The collaborative approach eliminates the need to form and fund a new organization to take on this challenge.

EDF-logo-80-grey Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is a global leader in transforming fisheries management and driving policy change to ensure that reform is durable. In the United States, EDF helped achieve dramatic fishery recovery by advancing management systems that give fishermen a direct stake in the recovery of fish populations. These programs are proven to ensure the long-term sustainability of fish stocks and maximize the social and economic value of the fishery. EDF is collaborating with fishing communities and local governments in Latin America, the Caribbean and the EU to ensure that sustainable fishing becomes the norm. EDF’s Catch Share Design Center has advised fishery management experts from more than 50 countries.
Rare inspires change so people and nature thrive. Rare specializes in sourcing conservation solutions and building community support to adopt and adapt those solutions. Rare’s model of training local leaders to mobilize communities and build capacity using its signature Pride campaigns helps accelerate the adoption of new approaches and ensure that change endures long after Rare’s direct involvement ends. Pride campaigns engage local communities to build individual and collective pride around unique natural assets using innovative marketing techniques. Pride works across many geographies and cultures, and Rare is continually demonstrating this through its work with nearshore fishing communities in Latin America, Indonesia and the Philippines.
The Sustainable Fisheries Group develops innovative science and applies it to real-world challenges to improve the sustainability of marine resources and coastal communities. SFG brings expertise in bioeconomic modeling and fisheries science to help guide the siting, design, and sustainable management of TURF-reserves. This expertise includes developing models for fisheries recovery, designing tools for adaptive fisheries management and data limited fisheries analyses, and providing guidance on monitoring and evaluation. The scientific support and global expertise in bioeconomic modeling and fisheries science SFG provides will enhance the development of long-term sustainable fisheries practices.

“What is particularly appealing about Fish Forever is how it brings together three strong partners that represent different competencies of work that needs to be done, but has never been combined in such a robust way,”
-Kate Barnes, MacArthur Foundation.

Fish Forever’s founding partners are engaging a vast network of local, regional, national and international partners to provide support and ensure that Fish Forever is adopted and adapted locally and recognized globally.

These partners bring a diverse range of experience and expertise that includes working directly with local communities to implement Fish Forever, building technical capacity, creating new public and private financing opportunities, and influencing regional, national and international policies. Building consensus and coalitions is crucial to achieving Fish Forever’s goals.